Thursday, 17 March 2016

Learn Foreign Languages? Yes You Can!

What is the right way if you want to improve your english or any other languages? Well, I have a simple answer : BACA BUKU! A bibliophile would love this! Read any books (in english or any other language you poorly understand) and use DICTIONARY alias KAMUS. Jangan kebiasaan pake google translate. Remember : dictionary is the bible for language-learner!
And please, fellas, don’t ever underestimate yourself! Udah sering banget gw denger ada yang bilang “lu kan jago bahasa inggris dan itali ngel. Gw nggak bisa apa-apa!” Ouch, come on, I listened to italian songs such as Laura Pausini, Zucchero, Biagio Antonacci, or even Eros Ramazzotti and I tried to translate the lyrics by myself! I watched Rai Italia almost everyday just to know how to fake my accent (and yes, italian and spanish acccent is waaay more easy to imitate!) and I watched movies without subtitles since I was a kid! I read italian novels such as La Divina Commedia di Dante Alighieri, Il Principe di Niccolo Machiavelli, and some italian book recipes and yes, I relied on my dictionary. Aaannnddd since I was a kid, my brother loved to introduce me to his interns and they were mostly foreigners! Lu bayangin aja dari TK gw disuruh ngobrol sama bule. Oh ya, I also took the chance to be an interpreter for Intermilan when they came to Indo! And please note: at that moment, I was just learning italian for approximately 3 months! Bayangin, gw baru 3 bulan belajar bahasa itali dan gw nekat apply jadi interpreternya Intermilan! I did all possible efforts to improve my english and italian!
Ga ada yang instan kecuali lu itu reinkarnasi polyglot handal kayak Sosrokartono alias kakaknya RA Kartini! Semua butuh proses. Do everything you can. Try to speak, listen, write, and read. Modal nekat aja! Toh nggak semua bule berbahasa inggris dengan baik kok. Dan orang indo memang mostly takut untuk berbicara dengan bahasa asing. Kalo takut terus, kapan bisanya?
So, instead of telling me those statements to underestimate yourself, you better download some iBooks and read! Gw aja tiap hari masih baca buku dengan bahasa asing kok. Kalo alesannya ga punya waktu buat baca, ya gw juga cuma bisa bilang, “berarti lu ga akan ada waktu untuk fasih berbahasa asing.” Simple kan 😊

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